Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Important Guy Who Helps Us Find Things

So the other day Preston fell asleep on the living room floor as that is how we roll lately - divide and conquer. I (Bill) got him up around 11 or 12 before I went to bed and took him in to the bathroom. A minute later he wanders back out with a glazed look in his eyes. Oh yeah, and he was missing his pants. I took him back in and stood by him to encourage him to go. He stood there and flushed the toilet. "No buddy, you need to go potty first". He flushes the toilet again. "No really, you have to go to the bathroom first and THEN flush the toilet" He looks at me again with sleepy eyes and flushes the toilet again. It was at that point that I gave up and said he could just wash his hands and get back in bed - of course, I had to remind him about his pants again.

And I (Melissa) was wondering about the custom of flowers at funerals.  Why is that something that we do?  It kind of seems silly.  1) They (the flowers themselves) don't really make the people there feel any better, do they?  2) What are the people supposed to do with all the arrangements?  3) They are a waste of money when everybody is already complaining about the economy.  4) Nobody puts effort into funeral flowers, so they never look as good as wedding flowers.  (Granted, they DO typically have less notice.)  5) I am allergic.

What do you think?

Also, Preston doesn't discriminate.  He forgets about pants even when he is awake.

And a quote coming to you all the way from my brother's house in Germany:  The other day, my niece exclaimed, "Look, Daddy!  It's the really important guy who helps us find things!"

Who do you think she was talking about?  (I had tears streaming down my face when my brother told me about this because I was laughing so hard.)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012