Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Percy Jackson and the Tummy of Monsters

Preston: Who would you like to be the son of? (We were watching Percy Jackson, and he was wondering which Greek god I would want to come from, I am assuming.)
Me: Nobody.
Preston: Why not? Not even the son of your dad?
Me: No. I don't want to be the son of anyone.
Preston: Why? Oh! Because then you would be Uncle Matt?
Me: Right.
Preston: And then you would have to burp the ABC's?

Bill was using a jackhammer a lot of the day. It was loud, so the attempts to get Sadie to take a nap all failed. After the final attempt, when she screamed for a long time, I brought her into my bed to cuddle with me and try to calm down. I asked her why she was crying so hard. She answered, "There's monsters! There's monsters in my tummy. They want to eat my hands." I tried to reassure her that there were no monsters, that it was just Daddy using a tool that was really loud. "There's a monster looking at me. In my winnow. It's Tootie (Cookie) Monster. He wants to eat my hands. It's starey. He wants to eat my hands," she said, with tears still coming to her eyes.

Avery has been playing school with Sadie a lot lately. Sadie was getting ready for school today. She put a jacket on over her footie pajamas, put her princess backpack on, and told me she was going to school. I asked who her teacher was. She seemed to have been trained well. She answered, "It's Miss Avie. Miss Avie is my teacher."

I fixed Sadie's hair the other day. I told her she looked like a pretty princess with her hair like that. She shook her head. "No, I don't wook wike a princess. I wook wike a pretty Minnie Mouse. Oh, I'm tute wike Minnie."

Monday, December 16, 2013

Lifted Heavenward

I was just reading this talk, and part of it really spoke to me. "From the bed of pain, from the pillow wet with tears, we are lifted heavenward by that divine assurance and precious promise: "I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee." Such comfort is priceless." 

I really do not have it that bad. This post is not meant in any way to be a complaint. Sometimes, especially lately, I have had moments of feeling forsaken when I couldn't walk, or when I have had other problems, mostly related to my health. Luckily, those moments have been just moments. I have been lifted. Sometimes, through prayer. Sometimes, through music, especially when hearing my new two-year-old today singing "You Are My Sunshine" from start to finish. Sometimes, because of a scripture or Conference talk I read. Sometimes, through the help of others. Sometimes, through inspiration to help someone else. Sometimes, just because of a few words from a friend or family member. Often, because of my funny and weird kids. Or your weird kids. Frequently, because of my hard-working and kind husband who can cook AND get all four kids to bed by himself most nights. I am lifted heavenward by those around me. Thank you for being one of those who lifts me up. You are an answer to my prayers. I can't express adequately how much I appreciate it. 

I am constantly lifted up, and I love that I keep getting chances to improve and to remember that He will not fail me or forsake me, even when my medicine makes me get no sleep for several nights in a row, a fat face, and extra acne. He will not fail or forsake my children, even when they can't stop fighting with or annoying each other. He will not fail or forsake my completely exhausted husband. He will not fail or forsake you, no matter what your trials and weaknesses are. Such comfort really is priceless. Plus, you can always change your pillowcase if you have one of those pillows wet with tears. Unless you forgot to wash your laundry, or you left it in the washer for three days and have to re-wash it because it stinks. If that happened, you can just flip your pillow over and start over on the other side until you receive the priceless comfort that can come.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baby in a Wheelchair

Sadie asked if she could watch "a widow show. I wanna watch Phimeous and Ferb. Giving a monkey a shower." I guess she has paid attention when the older kids were watching it.

Last night, Sadie was cuddling with me in my bed. She tucked the blanket all the way up to my chin. "You wook wike a baby! I'm the mommy." I asked her what she would say to me if she was my mommy. She replied, "I would say, Hewoh! I wuv you!"

It's a big day for me. I get my first wheelchair. I know I won't have to use it all the time, but it is still a little depressing that my doctor wrote a prescription for me to get one at all. I am glad, however, to be able to have one for when I need it and that my insurance pays for part of it. It is still a blessing, but it's hard to feel glad in my heart that I need a wheelchair. I am grateful for health insurance. I have to get shots five days in a row, and if I didn't have insurance, it would cost $35,000...for five shots! Luckily, I only have to pay twenty percent of the cost, until we reach our maximum out of pocket costs, which we are close to reaching already. 

Sadie keeps saying today, "Oh no! You're gonna tittow me!" Then she laughs, as she comes to get tickled.

Carter has his first orchestra concert tonight, and we are going to miss it. I am trying to feel bad about that, but then, I think of the headache that I won't get by missing it, and I feel better. We'll go to the next one, and they should be a little better by then.