Monday, April 16, 2012


It was late. I was tired, but I was feeding Sadie so I thought I would try to read a little. I started to get really frustrated. I thought my nook was broken. I tried several times to go to the next page before I realized that clicking on the page would not make my page turn. I was reading a real book with actual pages....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Carter, what are you doing?

Me:  Carter, what are you doing?
Carter:  Just reading.
Me:  Well, you have to stop reading and hurry and get ready for school.
Carter:  You don't always have to tell me.  I already know!
(We have some version of this conversation every single day, so obviously I DO have to tell him.)

Another conversation that we have many times a day:

(I see him, throwing things up and catching them, making weird noises for no reason, dancing when there is no music, playing with weird objects, wandering around aimlessly, poking somebody, etc,)

Me:  Carter, what are you doing?
Carter:  I have no idea.

Should I be worried about this?  This boy has an IQ that is off the charts but absolutely no common sense. How do I teach him common sense?  How do I get him to pay attention to the world around him?

Overheard at the doctor's office yesterday:

(Skinny lady with really poofy hair talking to a large man with a full beard. You know what I'm talking about.)

Lady:  It costs a lot to buy clothes for such a little baby.
Man:  I know!  Them clothes cost a lot, 'specially if they got a big name on them, like John Deere, or Carrhart!

That's just what I was thinking....

Monday, April 2, 2012

Not Enough April Fooling

For April Fools' Day, I wanted to say that I was pregnant again.  Sadie and the pretend baby would have been less than a year apart.  Well, I thought about my usual luck, and I knew that if I tried to play a joke on other people, the joke would have most likely been on me.... it would have really been true!  (It's not like birth control has been that successful for our family in the past since we have three complete surprises and one sort-of-surprise.)  Anyway, I didn't play my joke on anyone.  Hopefully, I won't have any jokes played on me.

So then, I thought about my sister, who is less than a week from her due date.  I tried to get her to use that to her advantage and say that she was really in labor or that she had had the baby and it was a girl instead of a boy or some other joke relating to the baby.  I don't think she did it.

When we got home from my sister's house last night, we did pretend that we were locked out of the house. Our kids didn't seem to really believe us.

After we came home, Carter said that he would change Sadie's diaper for me.  Then he said, "April Fools!  Mom, you didn't really think I would want to change a diaper, did you?  Gross!"

Then I told Avery that we could look on facebook and see if anyone posted any April Fools' jokes on there.  Apparently, I don't know any practical jokers.  She was very disappointed.

I really liked General Conference this year, at least what I heard of it.  On Sunday (during some other guy's talk), I was talking to my sister and my cousin about Elder Nelson saying something to the effect of, "If a print shop exploded, nobody would expect a product of that explosion to be a dictionary, and nobody would expect that dictionary to create new editions of itself."  (He was using this analogy to say that he believed that God created life and to point out the absurdity of the big bang theory of the origin of life.)  My cousin said, and I love it, "That's one of the main things that keeps me from losing my testimony.  I am much too self-absorbed to be able to believe that my existence is a result of chaos."