Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hey Diddle Diddle, The Cow Jumped Over the Fence

It's my last day of steroids, so hopefully I will start sleeping again. I never fell asleep at all last night, so today I am kind of loopy. At church, the organist was not having the best day, and it kept making me giggle. I completely understand because I have had those kinds of days where I keep messing up, but it still struck me as funnier than it should have been every time a wrong note was played or when he got completely lost one time. (Remember that I have that neurological condition that makes me overreact and laugh harder than is normal sometimes, and then think how much worse it would be when I haven't been sleeping much at all for a couple of weeks and not at all for the last night.) Then, Bill told me he was 90% sure that he left the iron on, so he left in the middle of church to make sure our house wasn't burning down. He didn't come back for a long time, so I felt a bit worried that it really had caught on fire. Once he returned and was sitting by me again, he said that it took so long because he had to call the cops because one of the cute baby cows in the field next to our house had jumped the fence and was wandering around the neighborhood. He said the cop got here in less than a minute, so we've got a great emergency response time for wandering cows. He said Sadie had told him before we left to go to church that she saw it jump the fence, but he didn't believe her. Well, hearing about the cow made me laugh even harder. I was not very reverent in church today, but at least Bill temporarily saved a cow, until it jumps the fence again and makes its way to the highway and gets hit by a car.... I had no idea cows could jump that high. It's probably a five foot high fence where it got out! 

And before we even went to church, Bill and I were laughing really hard because I couldn't find anything to wear that didn't make me look five months pregnant. I'm retaining so much water from the drugs!