Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Regular Robbers

"Carter, go to bed." He responded, "I can't. I'm still admiring my work." He was looking at a poster he had made for school. Then a minute later, "Do you like how I wrote in cursive? I'm not that used to writing in regular anymore."

Avery came in laughing, "Mom, Hannah didn't know that robbers have families!"

And I got a call from my insurance company. Apparently, my medication will be covered pretty well, so we won't really have to pay that much of a copayment. Hurray! I won't have to cancel my trip to go see my brother in a few months!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Basketball and Drugs

Carter played his last basketball game tonight. I had not been able to go to any of the games this season, so I was excited to finally see how he has progressed. He keeps talking about how much he loves basketball and how he wants to go to basketball camp this summer. (Probably at Utah State this year, if there is anyone else who wants to go with him...) So, I was really surprised when he started playing. He looked like he had no idea what he was doing. Bill said he usually played much better. About three quarters of the way into the game, he came over to talk to us. "I think I must still be kind of sick. I feel so tired and confused. I don't even know what I am doing, and I can barely run." Poor guy. And he was so excited for me to finally see him play. (He did get a couple of good rebounds at least.)

We went to do a little grocery shopping after Carter's basketball game. I stopped to pick up a prescription while we were there. While I was talking to the pharmacist, I asked if he knew how much the medicine I am going to start soon would cost. He looked it up, and then he said, "I don't even want to tell you the answer. It is soooo much." He did tell me. It is about forty-five hundred dollars... For a twenty-eight day supply....

Friday, February 22, 2013

Carter Home Sick Is Super Bored

I was looking through a bag of shoes my sister gave me for Sadie. I commented, "These shoes will fit Sadie perfectly, but these other shoes won't fit her for several months." Carter asked, "Well, what if her feet got cut off? How would they fit then?"

Genius IQ does not translate to common sense. At all.

"Mom, that scar on your chin makes you look like Frankenstein, or maybe a zombie."

Thanks, Carter.

"Carter, can you watch Sadie so I can take a shower?" He answered, "Sure. As long as you watch her later so I can take a shower."

Speaking of showers, last night when it was time for Preston to take a shower, he didn't want to do it. His excuse, "Daddy said I couldn't take a shower two days in a row."

Daddy did not say that.

"Mom, I'm sad that you won't get to live as long as a normal person. What if you don't even get to be a great-grandma?" Carter said. "Well, what if I don't even live to see my grand kids?" "That would be sad. I would tell them that you were nice."

I think he was trying to make up for saying I looked like a monster.

And Sadie keeps bringing me dolls and puppies to rock. Then she takes a turn, "Wock baby, tee tah."

It gives me hope that one of my girls will be able to sing on key. At least both boys can sing.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pants on Facebook

Preston: Why do so many people keep putting pictures of pants on Facebook? There are just sooo many pants everywhere!

It was a contest, and people had to share the link to enter. I think at least ten of my friends had entered.

Preston: Mom, if we went to Spain, and we were all by ourselves at our hotel, and there wasn't anyone else around us, would it be okay to talk in English? Or would we still have to talk Spanish?

No. No podemos hablar en ingles en Espana.

Bill saved Sadie yesterday. She was choking on a nickel. It freaked me out. I am still a little freaked out.

Friday, February 8, 2013

One Hundred Days of Magic

To celebrate 100 days of school, Avery had a form to fill out.

I would like to eat 100: grapefruit
I would not like to eat 100: mints
I wish I had 100: toys
I am glad that I do not have 100: Santa candy bags
If I had 100 dollars, I would buy: (blank, but she said maybe 50 whimsy pets, not that interested in buying only one whimsy pet and putting the rest of it in a savings account)
In 100 years, I will be: dead

Carter has a notebook with the title, "A Handbook for Wizards, Pirates, Ninjas, and Super Heros and other stuff" in big bold letters. Here is an excerpt for anyone interested in such a handbook.

"Look at the picture to see magic. Magic is what made wizards possible. It makes spells possible also. It makes magic items possible, too. If you want to be a wizard, you have got to have magic. Magic is stored in the heart and the soul. The wand is simply just an exit for the magic."

Monday, February 4, 2013

And the Winner is....

Thanks for participating in our vacation search. We probably would have picked someplace stupid without your help. You know, like Gillette, WY.

My first pick was Belize, but we looked at flights, and there are no direct flights, plus it is super expensive last minute. We decided not to go anywhere cold. We can't go snowboarding with my muscle weakness going on, so we cut out all the snowy places. Our next option was somewhere in Mexico, but again, expensive for last minute flights. Another time, I guess. East coast places are just too far for such a short trip. I wouldn't mind Phoenix because it has been a long time since I have had really good Mexican food. How come none of my NM friends wanted us to come there, by the way? Las Vegas wouldn't be bad, but I think the beach sounds nicer.

So, San Diego. Well, just north of there. We might go over to Catalina Island for a day. If my legs feel up to hiking. And maybe we can find a good Mexican restaurant....

So, Heather, I'll call you about your prize. And I'll still come to Gillette in a month or so....

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vacation Contest

My first ever contest is here!

Our anniversary is coming up, in about two weeks. We want to go on a trip for a long weekend (3-4 days), somewhere fun, less than four hour travel time (from Utah) so we don't waste all our time in a car or airplane. We do have passports, so it can be out of the country if it isn't too far.

Here are the rules:

Leave a comment with your suggestion(s). You can suggest up to two locations per person. It is first come, first served, so if you want to win the awesome prize, don't suggest anything already suggested by someone else. We will be deciding on Monday, so the deadline is Monday at 5 pm.

The prize: A really good book of your choice, or mine if you don't know what you want. We can figure it out... If you win and hate reading, then you are weird, but we can figure out an equivalent priced prize.

Ready? Go!