Monday, November 28, 2011

One Hundred Balls

Avery was so excited to make Stone Soup at school about a week ago.  She talked about it for weeks.  She kept telling us what kind of vegetable she wanted to bring.  She went to school that day, and she had a great time.  Then she came home and showed me EVERYTHING that was in the soup.... twice.  Poor girl.  I don't think I'll be wanting any kind of veggie soup anytime soon.

A few days ago, Avery told me,  "Your tummy is WAY bigger than a basketball.  Maybe like a giant watermelon.  Or two basketballs put together.  Or like a hundred balls that are kind of little."

Later that day, Preston informed me that, "Pluto does not exist anymore."  Carter and I told him that is does still exist but that some scientists don't think it's big enough to be a planet.  He adamantly told us that it really didn't exist anymore.  I started to laugh, which he didn't think was funny.  That made me laugh harder.  Then Avery told me, "Mom, you kind of laugh like a dolphin."

I told someone about Avery saying my laugh sounded like a dolphin.  She overheard, and she yelled, "I'm so mad you talked about it!  Don't ever talk about it again!"

At least she doesn't know how to get on my blog.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Stories from Long Ago

I know I haven't posted many funny things about my kids lately.  I have a valid reason.  I'm blaming it on being pregnant and having no memory.  Every time I have gotten onto here to post something, by the time I am ready to start typing, I honestly cannot remember the funny thing I was going to write about happening.  This has happened about six or seven times this month. 

So, I will write about some things that happened far enough back that my lack of short term memory isn't affected.

This didn't happen to me.  When Bill was a baby, his four older sisters were not happy that he was a boy, so they put him in the front yard with a For Sale sign on him.

My sister still thinks it's funny that in kindergarten I wouldn't stand close to her while we were waiting for the school bus because I was embarrassed to stand close to the cactus.  (Who wouldn't be?)

Maybe I already talked about this, but when Carter was almost two, I heard him in the other room singing, "Elmo was a puppet, first one that we know...."  (This will only be funny to those who know the song "Follow the Prophet".)

When my sisters were younger, they had the following exchange:

Becky:  You're not as pretty as Miss America.
Heather:  (very indignantly) I ought to slap you!

I just got out a journal, so here are some other things from that:

In one weekend:  Carter and his cousin put desitin all over Preston, from head to toe, dumped out the majority of my sister's kitchen, unrolled three full rolls of tape, and as I was unpacking after I got home, I got to the kitchen just in time to hear Carter say, "This is to wash you, Preston," as he poured dish soap all over Preston's head.  Preston smelled like dish soap for several days and through several baths.  (This is when Carter was about two and a half.)

The week that Carter turned four, he spent over four hours one day making decorations for a puppet show he wanted to do for Bill.  He wanted me to make some decorations, and when I wouldn't, he said, "Mom, if you don't do what I tell you to do, I'm gonna be really mad at you."  Later, he asked me nicely to help him color a few pictures because he had too much work to do all by himself.  He was so proud of everything he had done, and he kept saying, "Daddy's gonna be so proud of me for doing my puppet show and decorations."  (And he was.)

When Preston was two, we were outside in our tiny backyard.  Preston was hitting the ball off the tee,. and when he did it, he looked at me and said, "You clap, Mama."  I did, and it made him so happy, even though I had just done it because he asked me to.

We were driving home from my sister's wedding, and Carter said, "Mom, I need a bath.  I stink.  The whole thing of me smells like foot."  Then he told me that the whole thing of Avery smelled like foot, too.  (He wasn't lying.)

We went to a spray park with cousins while we were in Boise for my sister's wedding.  Preston was standing next to a kid who was wearing swim trunks.  Preston looked over at the kid and just poked him right in the bellybutton.

One of Carter's stories he made up when he was four:  Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Melissa and a daddy named Preston.  They went on a walk in the jungle and fell into a giant hole.  They never got out, and they died there.  But just before they died, Jesus saved them and gave them some food.  But they still died."

I forgot about how scared Preston used to be of the Evil Zurg.  He would wake up after having nightmares that the Evil Zurg was going to get him.  He couldn't watch Toy Story movies until he was four or five because he was so scared.

Avery has always like anything that is pink and girly.  She used to name all her babies Kaylee and Leah, after my friend's twin babies.  She has loved shopping, shoes, and expensive chocolate since she was two.