Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sock Boat

Sometimes I worry that my kids are too spoiled. They have so many things! Then my two-year-old gets so excited about a package of new socks and tries every single pair on and also plays with them by pretending they are little people who are in a boat that is her dad's hat. 

Just because a movie is rated G doesn't mean that it won't terrify your children. Take Toy Story, for example. Preston had nightmares about the evil Zurg for almost a year when he was about three. Now Sadie is terrified about even the idea of the little aliens from Toy Story. She thinks they are going to get her feet. She has been crying and had the terrified look in her eyes for half an hour. She called her daddy and asked him to "come home from your meeting so you can hode me so the wittow awiens from Toy Story don't get my feet." It breaks my heart, while making me laugh at the same time. 

Bill: I can't believe how many emoticons there are! There's got to be a rocket or a robot or a lego or something that would work in my email, but they're so small. It's hard to tell what they are. That one looks like a robot pig. 
(Five minutes later...)
Me: I think you should just send out your email.
Bill: But I have to put one of these in now that I found all of them!

Avery: Well, it feels kind of like a hiccup and a burp, but it also feels kind of like a cough. Whatever's happening, cold air just keeps coming up. 

Bill: Let Avie fix your hair, Sadie. Do you want it to be all messy?
Sadie: No, not messy. Crazy!
Me: You want your hair to be crazy?
Sadie: Yes. I want it to be aw crazy. Wike yours, Mama.

Carter: (praying) ....and thank you that we could sleep good or partially good....

Avery's had a little bump on her head for a few years. It recently started growing a little bit, and she has had headaches pretty much every day. The doctor thinks it is just a cyst, and he'll take it off in an inpatient surgery in his office in a couple of weeks. I hope her headaches stop once it's gone!

This scene kind of breaks my heart because Sadie thinks this kind of thing is totally normal:

Meatwoaf: Ehmo, I just have to go to the hospitoh to get a shot. I wih just be right back. You can go pway since I have to go to the hospitoh. We're here at the hospitoh now. 
Ehmo: Okay, now wet me get you a shot now. It wih just hurt a wittow bit. You wih just have a wittow bit of bwod. 
Meatwoaf: Okay, we wih go home now because we are done at the hospitoh. I'm gonna walk home upside down. Upsy Daisy! 

Sadie has sneaked out of the room with her hat full of socks in her arms and closed the door. Something shady is probably going on out there now.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Carter: (speaking of when he was younger, before I had very many health problems) You were the best mom ever then! You always did fun things with us! I mean, you're still the best mom ever, but you're just not AS good as you were then. 

I'm glad that he can confirm that my insecurities about my current mothering abilities are based on reality instead of just an overactive imagination. 

I'm also glad that amazon sends me confirmations of kindle books, even if sometimes those confirmations come six hours after I finish reading the book. It's just such a relief to know my book arrived safely! 

Avery got baptized today. There were very few people in attendance, which was great. It was a little weird when the kids got up to sing a song, and I realized there were more people making the music than listening to it. Sadie did neither, but she did climb on me part of the time when I was accompanying them on the piano, but she only did that while she wasn't yelling and running around. She also grabbed on to Bill's legs while Avery was being confirmed and tried to pull him away. At least I have hope that she will learn to be reverent and calm one day. I have seen people in other families do it, so I know it can be done. 

I wish I had started recording what Sadie was saying sooner the other day. You know how it's always funnier right before you start videoing what kids are doing, but once you start, they stop being funny? Same with her story telling. Still funny and cute but not AS funny and cute as what she said for several minutes before I started writing it down. Not bad for a two-year-old. I look forward to her future creative endeavors. 

Sadie's Story:

When I was a wittow giroh, I went in Ogden. And first, I went to the doctor with my three wittow puppies. They had to get a checkup. And the doctor said go on the taboh. And the puppies escaped from the big puppies. And they wost their favorite toy in the darkness. And a monster came. The wittow puppies got in trouboh, and then the mommy came and said, "Hi." The mommy went in the darkness and found their toy. They found their favorite toy, Tigey, wike Danieoh Tiger's. The wittow puppies got in big trouboh. And they said, "Hi," to their mommy. And that's it. That's my whoe story. Except I have another story about Sawt and Pepper. 

Sawt and Pepper and Meatwoaf took a nice wong nap, and they ate some breakfast. And they ate a burrito. They had jam on their sandwiches. And they ate it. And that's some kind of story. I don't know. Watch a show, maybe? 

Okay, once upon a time, there was a giroh, and her name was Meatwoaf. And her mommy had to take her on a wahk. Maybe Meatwoaf had to go to her friend's house, and she said, "Mommy, you're here!" And then they couldn't find each other. And they found Sawt and Pepper and Meatwoaf. And they were aw friends, and they talked about it. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Cute Wittow Sadie

I put Sadie back in diapers because she lost interest in potty training. I checked her diaper once today, and she screamed, "Aagh! You saw my bummy!"

Sadie: Your bewybutton is a cute wittow guy.

Me: Sadie, let's see how high you can count.
Sadie: One! (Jumps) Two! (Jumps) Three! (Jumps) .... Eweven! (Jumps) That's very high to count!

Two-year-olds take things literally.

Remember how I said that Sadie likes my toes? Here is proof. It's kind of gross.

Sadie was playing with a toy, talking to it. "Hi. I'm good. I'm naked. Oh. My mom took my pajamas off to get a penciw out of the bottom of the toes, and she didn't give me any new cwose. So I'm just naked. You can pway with me. You can be my friend."

I just read an article that recommended that people in a marriage be dishonest if they don't like a meal their spouse made. That seems like the worst advice I have ever heard. What do you think? It's okay if you disagree with me.