Saturday, December 4, 2010

Musical Conversation

Avery put her face in her hands and looked up at me with wide eyes, "Mom, can you tell me more about string instruments?  You know, like cellos, and guitars, and banjos, and violins?"

Preston piped in, "And tarps or something."  He made a motion like he was playing a harp. 

"Oh, you mean harps?" I asked.

"Yes, harps.  And pianos have strings on the INSIDE of them.  I saw it on Tom and Jerry." 

Back to Avery, "I just love the cello.  I want to play the cello when I grow up.  Do they have little cellos?  Aunt Becky plays the cello.  I just love the cello." 


  1. CUTE! I really hope my kids want to play string instruments. I can teach her Viola if she wants.

  2. Avery is so darling. I bet you couldn't find something she doesn't love- besides you trying to sleep. I love this story! I sure wish I played the cello- or the tarp that sounds cool!