Monday, March 28, 2011

Poor Preston

Preston came home from school today and started crying.  His friend punched him in the face on the bus for no reason.  On the upside.... he lost a tooth.  He put it in a bag and put it under his pillow.  I told him to be careful where he put it.  He responded, "It doesn't matter if it falls under my bed.  The tooth fairy can just fly down there and get it out." 

He overestimates the tooth fairy's abilities.

I also worry about his taste.  He told me, "Mom, if I lose a big tooth someday, I can get whatever I want there.  Like maybe a gold tooth.  That would look nice."

Avery wrote me a note that said, "Mome sre."  (Mommy, sorry)  "What are you sorry about?"  "I'm sorry that I was writing letters instead of cleaning my room."


  1. That whole thing (almost except part about Preston crying) made me laugh. What a funny kid and kids. I hope Preston isn't too sad about the bus experience cause he's adorable.

  2. I wish my kids cleaned their rooms too- at least you get letters! And that tooth fairy needs to learn to be pretty acrobatic some times. Jacob now has two silver teeth and he has told me he wishes they were gold too.

  3. Been out of the loop, must be months now (maybe even 6 months - ah ha, starting with little baby's arrival!) - just caught up on reading your blog and with every entry my spirit lifted more and more! Like magic you just put some extra shine on my blah day! Thank you (and your fam) for the smiles and laughs you share!

  4. Awe Avery! So cute and!!!! Thats awesome she can do that!