Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm so sick...

These are like "Your mama's so fat..." jokes, except they're true.

I'm so sick....I can't even look at chocolate.
I'm so sick....I turned off a home makeover show right before the big reveal because I couldn't stand the sound of it.
I'm so sick....I can't even read all the books I have waiting for me to read because reading makes me have motion sickness.
I'm so sick....I just change from one set of pajamas to another after taking a shower.
I'm so sick....Cafe Rio doesn't even sound good.

Okay, tell me yours.  Either from when you were pregnant or just really sick.  Nothing gross.  It would make me sicker....


  1. Awful. I threw up in the middle of Target. TWICE. I couldn't even walk inside a grocery store. Nothing funny just...sick.

  2. I love you sick person. Call me next week if you'd like to have a girl's night.

  3. I just want you to get better...hope it ends soon.

  4. I'm sorry you're feeling sick and hope it passes soon. Here are some things to try: vitamin B6, ginger, protein, sea bands, and preggie pops. Worth a try. And remember you get a prize at the end!

  5. I feel for you.

    How about this: so sick i can't even throw lemons at carter... then I'll know you are really in dire straights! love you.

  6. Call me soon and tell me what you are craving. . .