Monday, November 28, 2011

One Hundred Balls

Avery was so excited to make Stone Soup at school about a week ago.  She talked about it for weeks.  She kept telling us what kind of vegetable she wanted to bring.  She went to school that day, and she had a great time.  Then she came home and showed me EVERYTHING that was in the soup.... twice.  Poor girl.  I don't think I'll be wanting any kind of veggie soup anytime soon.

A few days ago, Avery told me,  "Your tummy is WAY bigger than a basketball.  Maybe like a giant watermelon.  Or two basketballs put together.  Or like a hundred balls that are kind of little."

Later that day, Preston informed me that, "Pluto does not exist anymore."  Carter and I told him that is does still exist but that some scientists don't think it's big enough to be a planet.  He adamantly told us that it really didn't exist anymore.  I started to laugh, which he didn't think was funny.  That made me laugh harder.  Then Avery told me, "Mom, you kind of laugh like a dolphin."

I told someone about Avery saying my laugh sounded like a dolphin.  She overheard, and she yelled, "I'm so mad you talked about it!  Don't ever talk about it again!"

At least she doesn't know how to get on my blog.


  1. That is so funny- I love it- and it is good that she can't get on the blog- I think that about my boys sometimes too. That should be a compliment that you look like 100 little balls and not a HUGE one- right?? And too funny about Pluto. I sure love your kids- even though I haven't met them yet. One day!

  2. I didn't know Preston had such strong feelings about Pluto. The whole post made me laugh a lot.