Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Carter, what are you doing?

Me:  Carter, what are you doing?
Carter:  Just reading.
Me:  Well, you have to stop reading and hurry and get ready for school.
Carter:  You don't always have to tell me.  I already know!
(We have some version of this conversation every single day, so obviously I DO have to tell him.)

Another conversation that we have many times a day:

(I see him, throwing things up and catching them, making weird noises for no reason, dancing when there is no music, playing with weird objects, wandering around aimlessly, poking somebody, etc,)

Me:  Carter, what are you doing?
Carter:  I have no idea.

Should I be worried about this?  This boy has an IQ that is off the charts but absolutely no common sense. How do I teach him common sense?  How do I get him to pay attention to the world around him?

Overheard at the doctor's office yesterday:

(Skinny lady with really poofy hair talking to a large man with a full beard. You know what I'm talking about.)

Lady:  It costs a lot to buy clothes for such a little baby.
Man:  I know!  Them clothes cost a lot, 'specially if they got a big name on them, like John Deere, or Carrhart!

That's just what I was thinking....

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