Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cologne and Candy

Bill was looking confused. "Did you do this map search for the Cologne cathedral, or did I? I don't remember doing it, but maybe I did." I answered that I did. He asked why I was looking it up, and I told him that I was going there in a few months when I go out to see my brother with my parents. "That makes more sense now. I couldn't figure out why it was already open to the exact search I was going to do." I asked why he was looking at it. "Oh, I am doing a paper, and I needed some information about the cathedral."

What? My rocket scientist husband is writing a paper with some information about a cathedral in Germany? One I am planning to visit soon? And we both wanted to search for this random place on the map app? Weird.

Do you ever do something so weird or offensive or awkward or just uncharacteristic of your normal self that you can't stop thinking about it or feel really silly or stupid for way longer than necessary?

Earlier tonight, I picked something up from the store for a friend, and I thought, "I'll just grab some candy for my friend. That will cheer her up. It always cheers me up." So, I brought her goods to her house, handed the bag to her daughter, and said, "This is for your mom, but wait just a second. I need to get a few of these because I am starving." I got some of the candy out, way more than I could even hold in my hand because I kept dropping pieces, and started chowing down. I know it was weird. (Here, I got you this. But let me get some for myself first...) But I really was starving....

And the sad thing is, it wasn't really that uncharacteristic of my normal self. If you want, you can tell me about your awkward moments. It might make me feel less stupid. Also, my friend seems to still like me.

I had a super busy day. It reminded me how much I like to be involved and how much energy I get from being around other people. (A total extrovert...) It also reminded me that I get super tired when I over schedule myself. Luckily, I rarely do that.

A friend died today. I haven't kept in touch with him the last twelve years, but he was an awesome person when I was in high school and at college. I feel a little sad thinking about his young family.

Another thing happened to make me feel like a bad parent. Carter came home from school, and he was stressed out. He got on my laptop and started doing some of his math. "Mom, is it okay if I work on this for a while? I really want to learn about binary numbers." And then he watched a few educational science videos. He finished and then let out a huge sigh of relief. "Aaaahhh. I feel sooo much better now."

The thing that makes me feel like a bad parent is that it is so clear that he gets bored, which makes him act out and get stressed. I am just not challenging him enough. His math teacher said she really wants him in with the seventh and eighth graders, but it just doesn't work with the school schedule. And then he comes home and does nothing to challenge himself in any possible way, most days anyway. Well, I had better get on that challenge!


  1. That candy thing made me laugh out loud!

    Who died? Anybody I know? So sad.

    1. Jay Rasband. Do you remember him? He was two years older than we are. He hung out with our family a lot, and I saw him all the time at BYU, where he worked in the computer lab in the WILK by the flower shop.