Friday, June 12, 2015

Answered Prayers

Carter had a scout campout. I was helping him get ready to go. We said a prayer for safety and protection right before his ride was supposed to come. After praying, I felt like I should get him some allergy medication, and I threw in some quick dissolving Benadryl. Bill called me today and said that he was really grateful I had thrown that in along with his regular slower acting medication. Carter had had a severe reaction, possibly to peanuts the other boys were eating next to him. (Carter had told me a few times the last few weeks of school that he seemed to be having reactions to peanuts other kids had at lunchtime. I should have taken him more seriously!) I am so grateful for answers to prayer and promptings of the Holy Ghost!

Remember when Avery blamed her poopy diaper on a bee about six years ago? Sadie has regressed in her potty training, and today, she followed in her big sister's footsteps.

Me: Why didn't you go in the potty?
Sadie: I did go on the potty. Something else pooped in my pull-up.
Me: Really?
Sadie: Probably it was an ant.

1 comment:

  1. Re: Carter.....Way to go Mom! So glad you were paying attention.
    Re: Sadie.....That was a BIG ant =O)