Monday, December 7, 2009

Preston is funny, too.

I don't want to leave Preston out, just because he hasn't said as many funny things.  He is still funny.  For example, just this morning, he pulled his pants up past his bellybutton and said, "Look Mom, I look like I have grandpa pants."  (I should note that his greatest desire is to be a grandpa when he grows up.) 

He and Avery were watching Disney's Movie Time Monday this morning. Our conversation went like this.

"What movie is coming on today?"

"Mickey's Upon a Christmas."

"Is it Once Upon a Christmas or Twice Upon a Christmas?"  (There are both.)

"It's MICKEY'S Once Upon a Christmas."

"So it's Once Upon a Christmas."

"No, it's MICKEY'S Once Upon a Christmas." 


And he was right.  It was Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas.  Doesn't the word "upon" look really weird?

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  1. Man, I'm so glad that I found your blog before your awesome "deal" expired. I mean, DOUBLE the offer... shoot, who could beat that? ANd I didn't even have to stand in line all nite to get such a sweet deal!

    Love it. I also love the funny things our kids say, totally adorable!