Friday, December 4, 2009

Things Avery has said in the last 24 hours, just a taste

In response to, "Who is that talking in there when they're supposed to be sleeping?", Avery replied, "It's not me talking; it's just my foot talking to my other foot."

Sobbing, "I have to find my other Hello Kitty socks, but they're missing, and I really need them. Dang it!"

"Don't do that like I do it. Only I can do that. You can't do that."

"I have to stay up. I can't go to bed. I can only stay up and watch house shows with you." (Talking about HGTV.)

"Preston can't say the prayer. Only I can say the prayer. He's saying it! I'm supposed to say the prayer. He's still saying it! I have to say it. Heavenly Father...oh no! He's still saying it! Thank you that we can eat our breakfast. Preston can't say the prayer anymore! What?"

Does anyone else have kids who have prayer fights? I'm not really sure how to deal with those.


  1. Okay, you probably aren't checking comments from months ago, but I'm going to post anyway. Hallee and Tyson both have to say EVERY prayer. We take turns on who gets to go first. We've gone months with 2 prayers at every meal, bedtime, home evening, etc. Some have gotten 3 prayers when they are saying quickie prayers and there was other important stuff they left out. I just figure why not let them pray, not a problem.