Monday, March 22, 2010

Fire Roasted

As I explain what happened to me, Bill would like me to say that I had fire-roasted salsa and hair in the same day.  It's true.  I was starting to fix my hair on Sunday morning.  I ran the flat iron over my bangs.  Then I noticed a strange smell and hair falling out.  My bangs did not look better, and now the hair that is left is crispy and frizzy.  And it can stand up straight in the air.  That's quite a feat for my thin and fine hair!  I was very upset, and I had tears come close to the surface many times that day.  My hair also smelled really bad, as did our bathroom.  Needless to say, I did not finish straightening the rest of my hair, and up it went into a ponytail.  So much for growing out my bangs!  Now I will have to keep cutting off the crispy stuff until it is completely grown out.  And Bill did make a truly amazing soup with fire-roasted salsa.  Super spicy and super good.....once I added tons of sour cream and cheese to tone it down!  The kids just kept eating it with tears in their eyes, loving every bite.  Bless these little cuties who ask for spicier salsa if we only give them mild!

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