Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun with Kids Today

Avery:  I thought of a good idea for a game.  Preston can be the person who gets spanked, and we can be the spankers!  (She tried it out, and surprisingly, Preston did not love it.)

Me:  Avery, go brush your teeth.
Avery:  I have a toothbrush in your bathroom.  It's the pink one.  (If you know Avery, you would know that she would never have any other color than pink for ANYTHING.)

Avery came screaming to me, "Mom, Preston said he was going to turn me into a balloon!"  (She cried for about five minutes about this.) 

Not to leave Preston out...

Preston:  Mom, I didn't do anything to the curtains.  It just came out of the wall itself. 

Preston:  I saw a bad guy downstairs! 
Me:  What did he look like?
Preston:  He didn't have any skin or hair.
Me:  He was just bones and muscles?
Preston:  No, he was all black.
Me:  Was it your shadow?
Preston:  Maybe.

Carter is funny, too, but mainly because everything embarrasses him.  Like me having an asthma attack during the opening song in church.  Like having to sleep in a girl's room.  Like getting a referral at school because his friend was playing in the bathroom and they didn't go back to class very quickly.  Like...just about everything I do! 

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