Friday, May 28, 2010

Books, Bikes, and Bites

I have read about twenty-five books in the last six weeks.  Maybe twenty-six.  Thank goodness for friends who lend/send me books.  I've got about ten left to go before I return the borrowed books.  I read two today.  One made me laugh.  The other made me on the edge of my seat, but I didn't fall off somehow.  Do you have any good books to recommend to me once I finish my little stack?  I need something to do since it appears that I'm going to be dizzy forever.  (No, I don't have any useful results, but I am just giving up hope of being stable ever again.  Like I ever was anway!)

I finally got a recumbent bike today.  I tried it out, and I did not fall off.  I burned 300 calories.  Then I ate a huge meatball sub with no vegetables. 

My five-year-old has been biting and pinching and scratching his siblings!  What do I do with a kid that old who is doing stuff like that?  Nothing is working, and I am going a little crazy!  He is so sweet some of the time, but when he is mad/sad/scared/lonely/tired/hungry/bored/etc., he just goes crazy, and I am out of solutions. 

Also, Bill lost six pounds on a "miracle diet".  Maybe I should have tried harder to catch what he and Preston had.  Then I wouldn't still be one stomach flu away from my ideal weight.  Then maybe I could fit into my cute jeans instead of my fat-ish jeans.  I'm still blaming Europe for having amazing pastries, even if it was over a year ago.  No, I don't actually think I'm fat, but my kids have been asking if I have a baby in my tummy, and that's never a good sign, especially when I don't. 


  1. I like the Rangers Apprentice and Gregor the Overlander series.

    The 5 year old? His world would END. Take away every toy, every luxury, every half hour of TV, because he knows what he's doing and he knows how to stop. When my 5 (oh wait, he's 6 now) year old does things like that he gets to sit on his bed for the rest of the day--no snacks, no TV, no Wii, nothing. Just sitting in the quiet. He HATES it, so it works.

  2. Melissa! It's been forever since I have talked to you, but I found your blog through FB, and I thought I would see what you were up to! I love any book by Betsy Brannon Green...they are so good, and you can find them at Deseret Book.

    So, where are you living now? How many kids do you have?

  3. You mean grown up books? I don't remember the last time I read one of those!

    For the 5 year old -- send him to Aunt Sandra's for the summer. Or for a month. We'd love to have him.

  4. I did think this was funny Mel. You are a very funny person.