Friday, May 28, 2010

The Sacred Meeting Replica Knife Collection

We just got this AWESOME offer in the mail. 

Honestly, who would not want this piece of art?  And it even comes with the buffalo display skull FREE!  Look at that wolf detail on the skull.  Just beautiful.  And it's only two easy payments of $19.99.... for EACH KNIFE!  What a deal.  It's a magnificent fifteen inches tall, too!


  1. Man, you gotta send that to Jay Leno.

  2. Great blog- you are one funny lady. We have a blog too, I'll send you an invite (did I do that already?? I forget) LOVE this piece of art and would love to have it on my mantle- just gorgeous. And you can't detect one hint of sarcasm in your voice when you wrote this. I know what I'm asking Santa for.