Friday, June 18, 2010

The Mysterious Baby

Avery came into my room with a wet washcloth.
Me:  Where did you get that?
Avery:  From my room.
Me:  Who got it wet?
Avery:  I don't know.  It wasn't me.
Me:  Well, go ask the boys how it got wet.
Avery:  I can't remember.
Me:  Did you get it wet?
Avery:  No.  Maybe it was a baby that came to our house and somebody holded up the baby to the sink to get it wet.
Me:  ???
Avery:  It WAS a baby.  But I don't know the baby's name.  Maybe somebody was going to the store, and the baby gotted out of the car and came into our house, and then somebody holded the baby up to the sink. 
(a minute later)
Avery:  Mommy, what shape are washcloths? 


  1. Love this. Oh man, your kids are adorable- what a fun conversation to have with your daughter.