Monday, June 14, 2010


Last night, my four-year-old nephew was talking about going to the San Diego Zoo.  He said, "I hope they have a train there, or something like that."  I replied that I couldn't remember if they did or not but that I thought they did have a tram.  He said, "Is that the box that you buckle up in that goes on a zipline?"  "Yes.  How did you know about trams?"  "I saw it on Phineas and Ferb."  "Oh, on the one with Swinter?"  "Yes.  Trams go really high.  I don't want to ride in one.  No way.  It would scare me.  I would even be so freaked out!"


  1. You should bring everyone down here to ride the world's longest tram.

  2. There IS a train at the San Diego Zoo but it is OUTSIDE of the zoo and yes there IS an air tram INSIDE the zoo :)

    We're San Diego Zoo experts nowadays...

    There is also a carousel right outside of the zoo too