Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Breakfast... and Socks

My kids came in to wake me up this morning so I could make them breakfast.  I wanted to sleep a little more, so I told them that there were doughnut holes they could have.  When I came out a while later, they asked me to make them oatmeal.  I asked, "Didn't you already eat breakfast?"  Carter responded, "We ate a little snack, but what we really want is for you to make us some oatmeal."  "Yeah," Avery said.  "Yeah," Preston agreed. 

What kids choose oatmeal over doughnuts?  Apparently mine.  They're better than me because I went straight for the treats this morning. 

We were talking this morning about how we could have a good day.  I asked what some of the things Heavenly Father wanted us to do were.  The boys responded that we should obey our parents, not fight, be nice to each other, not steal, etc.  Avery's answers were a little different. 

1.  We shouldn't get away from each other, like when we go to the park, we have to stay together.
2.  We shouldn't take someone's blankie or that will make them sad.
3.  We should give people socks.  Like, if they come to our house and their feet are cold, they might want some socks to warm them up. 

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