Monday, September 20, 2010

Church Lessons

I asked the kids what they learned about in church yesterday.  They said that they learned about talents.  I asked, "What are some of the talents each person has in our family?" 

Here are some of the responses.

For Preston:
Carter said, "He's good at being mean."  (I said that doesn't count.)  "Well then, he's good at fighting with people and pretending that his dogs are real."
Avery said, "He's good at reading and riding his bike."

For Avery:
Carter said, "She's good at disobeying you."  (Doesn't count.)  "Well then, she's good at acting silly and climbing all over people."
Preston said, "She's good at playing toys."

For Carter:
Preston said, "He's good at playing legos."
Avery said, "He's good at reading and riding bikes."

For Bill:
Carter said, "He's good at cleaning the whole house and working from home on his computer sometimes."
Avery said, "He's good at building things."
Preston said, "He's good at working on the computer and making muffins."

For Melissa:
Carter said, "You're good at cleaning some of the house and doing some of the laundry and taking naps."
Avery said, "You're good at sewing things."
Preston said, "No, Avery, she's not good at sewing.  That's Grandma."
Avery said, "Oh yeah, you're not good at sewing.  Well, you're good at tickling me."

To be fair, I was trying to take my monthly nap, so....


  1. Ha ha ha- I wonder what my kids would say my talents were- probably sleeping in and yelling at us until we finally go to sleep. I bet you really are good at sewing- I loved that "That's grandma" Too funny. At least your husband didn't say to his whole family that his wife is neither a morning person or a night person. Thanks a lot hon.

  2. Your kids are too cute Melissa! I miss seeing all of you, seriously, we really need to make a get-to-gether happen, and soon!