Monday, November 22, 2010


I have to look through Carter's school work about once a week.  I found this assignment.

Carter's Medical History

I was kicking my soccer ball in my backyard and I broke my finger.

I got sick and burped a few egg burps.

I got chicken pocks when I was one or two.

I got a huge goose egg on my leg.

I got a whole bunch of fevers. 

The End

If you know what egg burps are, let me know. 

Also, I took Avery to the store one evening.  We passed the chocolate aisle, and Avery exclaimed, "Ruffles, ruffles.  Please get me some chocolate ruffles, Mommy."  (I figured out she meant chocolate truffles.) 


  1. Wow!!! She is a girl with good taste! Egg burps...thats awesome!

  2. Egg burps sound pretty bad. It think we used to call them yucky burps. Whole bunch of fevers is bad too! Yikes that is quite the medical history! And I'm sure they have chocolate covered potato chips out there- maybe that is what she wanted. And what little girl asks for truffles- man your kids have quite an extensive (or expensive) palate. :)