Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A List I Found

I found the following list on the floor this morning.  I thought you might enjoy it.


1.  Be nice.
2.  Play in playroom.
3.  Also play in room.
4.  Make a play.  (before Daddy)
5.  Hurry and do it.
6.  Make sure people like it..
7.  Get ready for church.
8.  Eat lunch.
9.  Get in the car.
10. Go to church.

This morning, this very early morning, I was sleeping soundly, when I was awakened by Preston.  I told him to go away and let me sleep longer.  He said, "But Mom, this is important."  "Okay, what do you need?"  "Mom, you can't forget that today is the day that we're supposed to wear clothes that don't match."  "Okay, now go out and close the door."  "Okay, Mom, but don't forget about it."   

It's Red Ribbon Week, and they have hat day, sports day, crazy hair day, pajama day, etc. 

1 comment:

  1. I do the same thing in the morning- "GO away and leave me alone- I need to sleep" And then I feel awful. We had red ribbon week too. Josh was supposed to wear his favorite team colors yesterday. We didn't have anything, no BYU shirts that fit him, no purple for SFA, no orange for OSU. So I said, "Well, you are supposed to wear your favorite team color, but I don't know what it should be." Then he says, "Well my favorite team is the Autobots" Bingo- just wear your transformers shirt- done and done.