Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reasons why we need to get out of Utah

Utah is a painful place to live if you are like me.  Grammar is very important to me, and you might even notice me wince (involuntarily) when I hear mistakes.  Most people do not use proper grammar or pronounce words as I think they should be pronounced.  They don't seem to know the difference between further vs. farther, less vs. fewer, I vs. me, etc. 

My kids either already say or will soon be saying things like:

"Shore."  (meaning....SURE)
"It's helling outside."  (talking about the HAIL)
"Let's sell the boat."  (when we someday have a sailboat like Bill wants, talking about SAILING)
"What's that fur?"  (what's that FOR?)
"Do you want to play the wii er legos?"  (OR)

There are too many examples of Utah grammar mistakes and mispronunciations to even list.  Plus I don't want to offend anyone who might actually read my blog that might not have stellar grammar.  (If you grew up in Utah, just know that it's not your fault, and there is help available.) 


  1. Maybe when you sell your boat you can rent a cabin and jump off the ruff into the crick.

  2. By the way, did you read from The Book uh Marmin to your kids tonight? I can't believe you didn't put that one in your original post.

  3. Ya know what? I fergot about that. (REALLY not a fan of YA instead of YOU....)

  4. haha.....if you need any more reasons to leave the state... I can give 'bout 1000 more.

  5. I have a post drafted about this same thing, and then decided not to post it, because I've noticed that people in NM AND Ashley on the Bachelorette from the east coast say words the same way!! I was so surprised.

    I volunteered in Isaac's first grade class in UT and they had spelling tests that were so confusing. She would said "sell" when the word was "sail" or whatever and it just made me crazy! How are they supposed to know how to spell it when you're not saying the word right??