Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Can Tell...

I HATE giving my kids showers or baths.  It hurts my back, and I get all wet.  I feel like a bad mom, but I have absolutely no patience for that.  Luckily, the boys can do it themselves, but Avery has a lot of hair, and she doesn't really cooperate with me.  Today, I apologized for losing patience with her.  She said something like, "It's okay.  You always yell at me in the shower."  But she was still happy, so I guess she's not scarred from it. 

The other day, I was making Preston lunch.  He was standing right next to me, and he said, "Oh Mommy, I can really tell you have a baby in your tummy now."  "Why," I asked, "because my tummy's getting big?"  "Yeah, really big, really REALLY big."

Well, I am pretty big for being only four months along, but what's he going to think when I'm seven or eight months along if he thinks I'm really big now?

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  1. I get so huge it's almost embarrassing. A girl in my ward is due right now and she is seriously ginormous. She's probably 5'2" or so and probably about 100 pounds normally, but this baby has made her stomach stick out further than I have EVER seen, even with multiples. I feel so bad for her. It's so uncomfortable!

    I don't do showers or baths. It's Dave's job. Unless, of course, he's out of town or sick or at Young Men's which seems to be happening a lot more often these days...