Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Me:  Avie, I think Daddy needs to tickle you.
Avery:  Why?  It's not his job.
Me:  It is his job.  He's your dad.
Avery:  Oh, is he your helper now?

After my doctor appointment today, Bill took me to Costco.  He pushed me around in a wheelchair.  It's not as much fun to go shopping when I can't see anything.  It was nice to get out of the house for a few minutes, though.  Also, Bill is not a good wheelchair driver.  He almost crashed me into three other carts and one toy display.  It was kind of scary. 

Carter was very proud to tell anyone who would listen that he read ten hours last week.  (He was reading Fablehaven and couldn't put it down.)  At least he likes reading now, but what does an eight-year-old read next after Harry Potter and Fablehaven? 

Preston has been playing "I Love to See the Temple" on the piano lately.  I've got to get him a piano teacher soon because a) he hasn't really even had a lesson, and he obviously has some talent, b) I can't listen to that song much more, and he has got to learn some new songs, and c) I don't think I am going to be able to teach my own children piano lessons like I had planned.  I think my kids will listen to another teacher much better than they listen to me. 


  1. I can totally picture Bill pushing you around! I love your family picture!!!

  2. that's silly about the wheel chair. I bet Bill was a great driver-- being a good driver doesn't take a rocket scientist or anything...

  3. Oh I looove Costco, even from a wheel chair.

    My sister tried teaching her kids piano but it did NOT work. Much better to get a different teacher, I think.

    Have you heard of the Gregor the Overlander books? Slightly violent (by the author of the Hunger Games) but sooo good.

  4. Lucky you- what a great husband! He lets you crash into things too!? Man that is the best. Glad you son likes to read, for Josh it is more like pulling teeth. Have you read the Narnia series?? We have been reading them to the boys at night.