Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This Baby is Coming!

I am going to have four children by the end of this week!  Maybe tomorrow.  I wish this one had a name already, but my husband is not cooperating about names.  He is also being picky about furniture.  We took our sectional downstairs to our 95% finished basement, so we have no seating in our upstairs family room.  We have gone furniture shopping, but he doesn't seem to like anything.  It seems to me that the nearly nine month pregnant lady should get to pick the furniture....  And the name....

I think I have gone to the hospital six or seven times with this pregnancy.  I am so sick of hospitals that I am a little nervous that I will wait too long to go now that labor has sort of started again.  So, if you see me on the news tomorrow because I had a baby on the side of the road, you know why.

My kids are still funny.  But I still can't remember the things they say for very long, so I have no updates on them.

My two-year-old nephew came and sat by me on the couch the other day.  "Hi, Missa," he said.  I responded, "Hey, dude."  He got right in my face and said, over and over, "Missa, it's me, Tyler.  It's Tyler, Missa."  He sounded worried.  Apparently, he thought I forgot his name when I called him dude.

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  1. haha...the cleverness must be in the genes! Best of luck! Can't wait to see picks and find out the name!!!