Thursday, January 5, 2012

Random Thoughts, Mostly About Sadie

It's a sad day when I am actually happy that my fat pants fit.  I guess it means that at least I don't have to wear maternity pants anymore.

I am tired all the time.  I thought it would be easy to fit a nap into my schedule now that all my older kids are old enough to go to school at least part of the day.  I haven't gotten one yet, thanks to sick kids staying home from school.  Maybe next week.

Sadie likes to be held ALL DAY LONG.  And she cries a lot.  Well, it feels like a lot.  None of my other babies really cried at all.  I don't really know what to do with a crying baby.  (She is sick right now, so maybe once she's better, she won't be so fussy.)  And when she cries, her little chin quivers.  It's so sad.

The older kids love her so much that they fight over who gets to sit by Sadie, who gets to hold Sadie, who gets to look at Sadie, who gets to kiss Sadie, etc.  It would be cute... if they weren't actually beating each other up.

Sadie doesn't have old man hair like Avery.  But in the back, her hair is a little longer than on top, and both sides have cowlicks that grow toward the center.  So she has an awesome rat tail.  You would be jealous... you know, if you were a ten-year-old boy from the 1980's...  Or a grown man from Brigham City from 2012....  (Seriously, people have ugly hair here!)

With my older kids all being so smart, I had high hopes for Sadie.  But every single time I go to feed her, she arches her back and puts her head back and goes for my arm and freaks out that she can't find any food there.  Then her little chin quivers, and it's so pitiful.  You would think that after nursing about ten times a day for almost three weeks that she would learn that one thing!

My other kids loved Christmas.  There were lots of Legos for both boys and one for Avery.  Carter also got Legos for his birthday, so our (FINISHED!!!) basement is full of them now.  Avery got lots of arts and crafts kits, so our house is full of the products of those kits.  (She LOVES art.)

I think my sister is going to take some pictures of Sadie next week.  I haven't asked her yet, but she probably will, and then I'll post them on here.  Then you can see how cute she is and why I can't get mad at her even when she cries so much.  And you'll see why Preston keeps saying that everybody else in the whole world is wrong when they think their babies are the cutest babies.


  1. Crying babies are SO hard. It was nice that by my third baby I knew that my babies are just cryers and that it's okay. Zoe cried a LOT because I had to get dinner fixed or help Isaac with his homework or whatever. And she's just fine now (I hope). I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Congrats on the basement...I wonder how Bill managed to fit that in with everything else. Sadie sounds adorable...personally, I know there are at least 3 cutest babies, just in our ward...but of course I can't name names. =O) So glad for legos...when my kids moved out...they didn't take them my grandkids and piano students have legos to play with. Yes...and what is up with the weird hair????? There is a lot of it...but alas, I just saw my own and I have a piece that is curling like a duck tail in the back. EEEK! A straightener!
    Sorry about all the fussing...first Sadie wanted to come right away, then she dawdled, and now she's fussy. I guess that means....she's a girl=O) I will keep her in my prayers though and you too - so you CAN get at least 1 nap. Melissa...just so you know...even after they move out...mothers don't always sleep well...maybe Bill can introduce a mommy energy treat that is not cancerous? Talk to him about that, would you! Love you. Dawn

  3. Awe!!! So cute!!! I had a fussy will end..promise. :) I can't wait to see pictures!!! Love that your kids fight over her....priceless!

  4. My oldest 3 kids hardly ever cried as infants. So when Avrie came and cried for the first year of her life, I didn't know what to do with her. I like her a lot better now that she is potty trained and I can almost reason with her. You are so awesome! I personally don't think it's fair that you hardly ever looked pregnant and that you fit into your pants again. I didn't fit into my pants until last year. Whatever...
    Hope you get one of those coveted naps! One of these days when everyone is healthy, I need to come see that cute baby!

  5. Cute! We really wanted to stop by the last time we were in honeyville but I made the mistake of thinking that you lived somewhere on the way to and from honeyville, where it is actually an extra half hour the other direction! I want to see the new family member! We will have to plan something!

  6. So sorry about the crying, it really will end, promise. Isaac was a crier who wouldn't take naps in his bed, so I just carried him in the sling from months 2 to 5. And I'm sure she is smart just like all of your others. Sam thought if he moved his head to look st something, my boob should move with him. He thought that until month 10 when he got teeth and learned to bite before he turned his head. Then he got a bottle. Good luck with all you are doing, I hope your kids are better and that you get a nap.