Monday, March 26, 2012

This week

Carter:  Mom, what's this muscle here?
Me:  Your calf muscle.
Carter:  I think I have really good calf muscles.  And I have really good muscles here when I flex my arms.
Me:  Your biceps.
Carter:  Yeah, I have really good biceps.  And what are these muscles on boys?  (He uses both hands to draw circles around his nipples.)
Me:  Your pectorals.
Carter:  I want to get really good muscles there.  And I want to have a six-pack.
(Silence for about a minute, except for my laughing.)
Carter:  Mom, what's a six-pack?

Preston:  Mom, what's the weirdest thing you ever saw?
Me:  A dog falling out of a two-story window.
Preston:  Did it break any bones?
Me:  I don't know.  I just saw it as I was driving by.
Preston:  Well, the weirdest thing that I ever saw, if I saw it, would have been a monkey doing the hula.
Preston:  You're the weirdest mom in this family.
Me:  You think I'm weirder than that other mom?
Preston:  What other mom?  (pause) Well, you're weirder than Aunt Laura.  She's pretty weird, but you're way weirder.
Me:  How is she weird?
Preston:  Well, she's weird because she just lets kids play Wii whenever they want to.
(He never did justify his comment about how I am weirder.)

Something I never thought I would hear Bill say.  We were on the way to church, and he said, "Oh no!  I don't remember if I unplugged the flat iron!"  
(He did.  And he had helped me out by fixing Avery's hair.)


  1. Oh no. If mom's that let their kids play Wii whenever are weird, then I'm a freak show!! My kids know how the Wii works way better than I do and I refuse to play against them because they always beat me--my competitive side comes out and I may or may not throw the remote. ;)