Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Castle Toys

I can't believe how quickly I have forgotten what four-year-old kids are like. Four-year-old BOYS....

A few of the things said to me today while I was watching my friend's kids:

I have castle toys at my house.
(After I told him how big he was getting.) I'm not a big kid yet. I'm just a little kid.
Hey! You have castle toys! Do you have little kids, too?
Hey! I can see your undies! (When I bent to change Sadie's diaper.)
I can't see your undies anymore. Did you pull them up?
Let's make these cows fly!
I'm a burping monster. (Then he proves it.)
You're a toilet.
Where did you put my castle guy?
You're a poo-poo.
I'm not a burping monster. YOU'RE a burping monster. (I did not do anything to deserve the name.)
Poo. Poo is funny.
Ghost Baby is taking a nap, so you can't keep screaming. (He kept starting the swing with nothing in it except for "Ghost Baby". Also, I had just told him that Sadie was sleeping and that he couldn't scream.)
Watch me make these cows fly! (He threw them for half an hour without getting bored of his invented cow flying game. And he wanted me to watch every single time.)
Whose toy is that? (About every single toy we have... And we have four kids, and they all have lots of toys....)
Your baby doesn't know how to do anything. MY baby can walk and eat things.
Hey! Your baby said "mama". That's what my baby says, too!
Can I stay at your house and play with your castle toys?
Can I have some of your snacks?
(And when it was time to go.) Mom, can I come back to Melissa's house next week?

Well, at least I have some dealing-with-little-kid skills left...

Or castle toys...


  1. Oh man. That is really funny. Only 2 more years and I'll have a 4 year old again. Maybe writing down these crazy questions will make it funnier. You survived though!

  2. Argh. Not my favorite, watching other peoples kids.