Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lady of Quality

Preston: Mommy, what was your favorite song when you were little? Was it Mary Had a Little Lamb?
Me: No.
Preston: Oh, because it wasn't invented yet when you were little?
Avery: (laughing at the ridiculousness of what he just said) Of course it was invented! It was invented as soon as lambs were born!

As I was reading the book Lady of Quality by Georgette Heyer last night, I realized that I was at that moment a lady of quality. Because the box for my fries that Bill got me from Wendy's said they were quality fries for quality people.

My cute mom: (seeing a listless guy sitting on the side of the road) Do you think that guy needs help, or do you think he's faking?
My observant sister: Well, he has no feet....

I don't think the conjugation is correct, but my nine-year-old son keeps saying, "Scusi, natiche emettere gas." You can look it up on google translator.

I can't decide if he is annoying or funny. Maybe both.

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