Monday, November 19, 2012

Supervision and Fist Fights

Bill took Sadie out of the meeting at church because she was being so loud. So when I went up to sing with the choir, the other kids were by themselves. I came back to sit with them after singing, and apparently, I had missed a big fist fight. Preston and Avery had bright red scratch marks all over their faces and arms, and they were both crying loudly.

I told Preston that he could use a screwdriver to take part of a toy off so he could change the batteries, with Bill's supervision, of course. "But Daddy doesn't have supervision. He has glasses."

Here is my reason today for being the meanest mom ever. The kids were supposed to get in the car because it was time to go to school. Carter was playing in the field next to our house, and it had rained all night, so it was all muddy. I decided that he needed a little lesson, so I just drove off. He chased after me, crying the whole way. I only went about half a block, and I let him get in the car. At least all that running on wet asphalt helped some of the mud come off his shoes.

Sadie just found some Hot Tamales. She had a love-hate relationship with them until I took them away from her.

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