Sunday, December 2, 2012

We have a photographer!

During lunch after church today, Preston shouted with glee, "This is the most unhealthy lunch EVER!" Then he asked for more fudge and caramels.

I let him have more.

Carter was covered from head to toe with hives. I Skyped my brother, who has had lots of experience dealing with hives. As he looked at Carter, who had no shirt on because it was just too itchy, he said, "Dude, you look like you're from Ethiopia."

He has always been pretty skinny, but he has been sick the last couple of weeks, with no appetite at all, so he has lost a few pounds. He kind of looks like a skeleton...

Bill told me that the kids had taken too many pictures and videos on the iPad.... SIX GIGABYTES worth! So, I had to go through and delete a bunch of them. While I was going through them, I was really worried about all the videos that they had taken that I was completely unaware of. I thought for sure that I would be yelling at the kids in every single one because it feels like that is all I do. But in about a hundred videos, I did not even yell at the kids at all. And I was even speaking kindly and calmly to my kids in most of them. It's nice to have a good surprise once in a while.

Most of the pictures were of Preston. And most of them were with his face distorted in one way or another. He thinks it is so funny when he makes his face stretched out or something. So he takes fifty pictures of the exact same funny thing. I don't know why one isn't enough. The other pictures were all taken by him as well, mostly of Sadie.

On the way to church today, Avery said, "You're weird, Mom." Preston said back to her, "You never even act like Mommy is cool or anything. You can't ALWAYS be saying mean things like that."

So, maybe he thinks I am sort of cool?

Sadie was playing with her hands today, and she kept saying, "Dingdas. Dingdas." I think that was supposed to be fingers? And when she said, "Dimdumdee," I think it was Christmas tree? She was looking and pointing that way...

And she kept grabbing a handful of my cheek with her sharp little fingernails, saying, "Deek." It hurt. It was kind of cute. It was less cute when she stuck her finger in my mouth and scratched it. Now I'm going to have a canker sore.

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