Sunday, April 14, 2013

Motes and Beams and Puppies

I try not to judge other people. And most of the time, I am not judging them any more harshly than I am judging myself if I do judge them. But really, it is way easier to help them get that mote out of their eyes than it is to figure out how to get that giant beam out of my eye. Because beam removal requires a huge surgical procedure, and mote removal out of someone else's eye just requires a little saline. Ask my brother. He's an optometrist...

Sadie says several hundred words now. But she mostly says "puppy" several hundred times a day. Often, I hear something like, "Pease a puppy. Mommy, a puppy pease." It will be a sad day when she realizes what allergies are and that our family has lots of them.


  1. Sad :( No puppy :( I never got one either...

  2. Pretty sure I'm allergic to our stupid dog. Ugh.