Monday, April 29, 2013

Zombies and Family Night

Bill had Sadie up on his shoulders. He took her over to a mirror so she could see herself up high. Then he put her down, and she said, "Uh! uh! I wanna be a hat! I be a hat!" I guess she liked being Bill's hat...

Carter: Do you think you would survive running a 5K?
Kade: How long is that, anyway?
Carter: About three miles.
Kade: Then I could do it for sure! The name of my school is Three Mile Creek, you know.

I overheard the kids on the way to school one morning:
It's a zombie cricket. Its name is Justin Creeper. It's one of the walking dead bugs, and it sings, "Brains, Brains, Brains, OH!"

I have no idea if they made it up or saw it on some show.

Preston sobbed and sobbed because he did not need glasses yet. He was super jealous of Avery, who did have to get glasses. She asked me every day, probably ten times a day, since her appointment, if her glasses had come yet. She looks just like Carter now.

The neighbor kids kept coming to our door this evening. We kept saying that we were having family night and that our kids couldn't play anymore. One time, I heard this conversation:

Preston: We can't play anymore. We are about to have family night. Why don't you go have family night at your house?
Kid: We NEVER have family night. I don't even know what to do for family night.
Preston: You could play games or other fun stuff together. Or you could talk about stuff. It's really fun. Just tell your parents that you want to have family night. They could teach a lesson or make you some treats. They would like it.
Kid: I don't know if they would do it. They never did it before.
Preston: But the church tells to have family night, so they would do it.
Kid: Can I just play at your house?
Preston: No. We're having family night. We might have ice cream. Go home.

Then, when we were having up family prayer, the doorbell kept ringing, and Bill said, "And please help the neighbor kids to stop coming to our door every time we are praying..."

The kids couldn't stop laughing about that.

Well, now that our school fundraiser is over, I may actually blog once in a while again. I could not survive running a 5K, by the way. I barely survived a mile.


  1. Your family is too funny. I wish I went to three mile creek school so I would be more confident about a 5k. Josh was jealous too when he found out he didn't need glasses. He said he has a hard time seeing the chalk board, so I printed off a test sheet to see if he could read it. He couldn't and it made me laugh- which was really bad/sad. So we took him to the eye doctor and he is just fine. He was disapointed, poor guy. Maybe in a few years.

  2. You're so funny Melissa. Great post. Sounds like things are still the same in neighborhoods of Perry...