Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baby in a Wheelchair

Sadie asked if she could watch "a widow show. I wanna watch Phimeous and Ferb. Giving a monkey a shower." I guess she has paid attention when the older kids were watching it.

Last night, Sadie was cuddling with me in my bed. She tucked the blanket all the way up to my chin. "You wook wike a baby! I'm the mommy." I asked her what she would say to me if she was my mommy. She replied, "I would say, Hewoh! I wuv you!"

It's a big day for me. I get my first wheelchair. I know I won't have to use it all the time, but it is still a little depressing that my doctor wrote a prescription for me to get one at all. I am glad, however, to be able to have one for when I need it and that my insurance pays for part of it. It is still a blessing, but it's hard to feel glad in my heart that I need a wheelchair. I am grateful for health insurance. I have to get shots five days in a row, and if I didn't have insurance, it would cost $35,000...for five shots! Luckily, I only have to pay twenty percent of the cost, until we reach our maximum out of pocket costs, which we are close to reaching already. 

Sadie keeps saying today, "Oh no! You're gonna tittow me!" Then she laughs, as she comes to get tickled.

Carter has his first orchestra concert tonight, and we are going to miss it. I am trying to feel bad about that, but then, I think of the headache that I won't get by missing it, and I feel better. We'll go to the next one, and they should be a little better by then.

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  1. $35,000??? Whoa.

    Sorry about the wheelchair. I really am. But it might be cool to try to race your kids in it for FHE one night.