Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Bill wouldn't take Sadie to the store with him because he was too embarrassed to be seen in public with her in her Super Sadie costume. She won't take it off. She keeps saying, "Super Sadie to the rescue!" (I forgot I wrote about that a few weeks ago. I can now update that she has been Super Sadie almost every day the last few weeks. Sometimes she is wearing a Supergirl costume. Sometimes a blanket tied on like a cape. Sometimes a kids life jacket, possibly over a princess dress. She likes to change things up.)

Preston was in Sadie's room, and she thought he locked the door. (He didn't. She just couldn't open it.) I would have expected her, like any normal two-year-old, to be yelling at him to open the door and let her in. Instead, she was pounding on the door yelling over and over, "Empathy! Think about how someone else is feewing! Empathy!" Thanks, Daniel Tiger.

Over the summer, Avery has been finding all the kits that we had given Carter before we realized that he couldn't focus on one thing long enough to follow through on science experiments and writing secret codes and all the other things we thought he would like to do. She has spent every day this last week or so working on writing things in hieroglyphics. I don't know who's going to read all her letters, but it is cute. 

I thought morning devotionals might help our family to not fight as much and to have a more peaceful spirit. They have maybe helped a little. Sadie doesn't seem to understand the concept, or she wouldn't have been yelling during the whole thing the other day, "Sadie is not awesome! I am not awesome!" I think it was in response to Carter asking her to sit still and following up his request with, "Sadie is awesome!" 

Today Sadie told me, "You're not awesome, Mama. Actuawy, you are awesome."

Apple pears are a little weird. Not quite pear-y or apple-y enough but a little of each. 

I liked Sadie's made up song today:

I wuv you, my dear wittow Mama.
And you're so cute.
And you wuv me, too.
And Daddy wuvs me.
And Presty wuvs me.
And so does everyone.
And Carter and Presty are so the best.
And I wuv to shake my booty.
And I wuv to shake my booty a wot.

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  1. Wow. Sadie has way too much personality for one family. Maybe we could trade around. I could have Sadie for a day and you could have Bella who is just starting to talk. Of course her tantrums are magnificent, and I would definitely miss those!