Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sock Boat

Sometimes I worry that my kids are too spoiled. They have so many things! Then my two-year-old gets so excited about a package of new socks and tries every single pair on and also plays with them by pretending they are little people who are in a boat that is her dad's hat. 

Just because a movie is rated G doesn't mean that it won't terrify your children. Take Toy Story, for example. Preston had nightmares about the evil Zurg for almost a year when he was about three. Now Sadie is terrified about even the idea of the little aliens from Toy Story. She thinks they are going to get her feet. She has been crying and had the terrified look in her eyes for half an hour. She called her daddy and asked him to "come home from your meeting so you can hode me so the wittow awiens from Toy Story don't get my feet." It breaks my heart, while making me laugh at the same time. 

Bill: I can't believe how many emoticons there are! There's got to be a rocket or a robot or a lego or something that would work in my email, but they're so small. It's hard to tell what they are. That one looks like a robot pig. 
(Five minutes later...)
Me: I think you should just send out your email.
Bill: But I have to put one of these in now that I found all of them!

Avery: Well, it feels kind of like a hiccup and a burp, but it also feels kind of like a cough. Whatever's happening, cold air just keeps coming up. 

Bill: Let Avie fix your hair, Sadie. Do you want it to be all messy?
Sadie: No, not messy. Crazy!
Me: You want your hair to be crazy?
Sadie: Yes. I want it to be aw crazy. Wike yours, Mama.

Carter: (praying) ....and thank you that we could sleep good or partially good....

Avery's had a little bump on her head for a few years. It recently started growing a little bit, and she has had headaches pretty much every day. The doctor thinks it is just a cyst, and he'll take it off in an inpatient surgery in his office in a couple of weeks. I hope her headaches stop once it's gone!

This scene kind of breaks my heart because Sadie thinks this kind of thing is totally normal:

Meatwoaf: Ehmo, I just have to go to the hospitoh to get a shot. I wih just be right back. You can go pway since I have to go to the hospitoh. We're here at the hospitoh now. 
Ehmo: Okay, now wet me get you a shot now. It wih just hurt a wittow bit. You wih just have a wittow bit of bwod. 
Meatwoaf: Okay, we wih go home now because we are done at the hospitoh. I'm gonna walk home upside down. Upsy Daisy! 

Sadie has sneaked out of the room with her hat full of socks in her arms and closed the door. Something shady is probably going on out there now.


  1. Melissa, I think you not worry about the hospital any more. After all, the shot will just hurt a wittow bit. And You will just have a wittow bit of bwod. And I want to see YOU walk home upside down. I'm sure after a shot you'll be feeling much better.

  2. Toy Story 3 -- the screaming monkeys TERRIFY Tyson. We can't play that movie at all.