Monday, October 4, 2010

A Few Commercials That I Hate

Here are examples of just a few commercials that I hate. 

1.  "Once upon a time, there were books.  Now, there's V-Reader from V-Tech."

      Like it's better than a book? 

2.  The Droid commercial, where the guy's arm turns into a machine.
     Like a machine is better than a real person?

3.  Reese's Commercials, especially the dark chocolate ones. 

     Like it's not hard enough being allergic to peanuts without extra temptation?

Are there any commercials you hate?


  1. Your #1 reminds me of one I hate. "Noggin (a children's cable channel)- It's like Preschool, on TV!"

  2. Basically I just wish that I could watch American commercials. ;)

  3. I seem to only fast forward through commercials, the beauty of DVR!!!

  4. I really hate the Super Modelquin commercials. I canNOT figure out how those got approved by a marketing firm.