Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Kind of Mother...

I was sitting on the couch.  Avery wanted to sit where I was, so she started yelling at me and kicking me to get me to move.  Now, I would have moved if she had asked me nicely, but I didn't feel like I should give in to this kind of treatment.  It went on for about twenty minutes:  Avery trying to get me to move and me ignoring her.  Finally, she had HAD it.  She sobbed desperately, "Who, (sob), who will make Mommy get away from me?"  More sobbing.

Lest you think she's all drama, she does stop playing several times a day to say, "I love you, Mom."  And her typical prayer goes, "Thank you that we can be nice.  Thank you that Daddy can come home safe.  Thank you that we can be safe.  Thank you that we can be good.  Thank you that Preston can be nice to me.  Thank you that we can play good.  Thank you that Mommy can feel better.  Thank you that we can have a good day.  Amen."  (She prays that I can feel better even when I'm not sick at all, which I think is kind of adorable and kind of sad that I have been sick/had broken body parts/had migraines/etc. enough that she thinks to always add it to her prayers.)

I think Carter has been trying to follow the counsel of the prophet.  Ever since Conference, he has been telling Bill and me thank you every single time we give him something or let him do something fun.  It's kind of awesome.  (I'm from Utah now, so I can say awesome.)

And Preston.  He's always talking about how many times he ran the "Gold Medal Mile" at school and which girls have pretty hair at school.  And he is completely unaware that the other kids in his kindergarten class can't pick up books like the scriptures and read from them pretty easily. 


  1. Your kids are so darn cute! And hey, no worries if you can't make it to blah Doha...I will be spending plenty of time in UT/CO next summer. :) We def. have to get Avery and Madeline together. Lots.

  2. This might not be the best place to tell you, but thanks so much for just showing up to help!! You were wonderful. And it was really nice to just have someone come over and serve me because they were thinking of me!! That makes me feel special and happy. I hope you are feeling well, better from all that junk.

  3. Such a great mom- reinforcing that it is not ok to treat our moms that way and still get what we want. I totally would have helped her get her mom get away :) It sure takes me a couple times to remind Jake of that. But he, like Avery, will randomly tell me he loves me during the day and it sure has a magical power of making all those "naughty things" they did disappear. Crazy.