Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring, Someone is Snoring....

Well, it is raining so hard right now, and it's a little hard to sleep.

Avery asked me today, "Mom, when you were a little kid, was milk already invented?" When I said that I did drink milk when I was young, she went on, "Well, were lights already invented?" "Yes," I replied, "Lights were already invented for over a hundred years before I was born. And TV was even invented before I was born." "Whoa. I didn't know that," she said with her eyes as wide as... I don't know, really huge eyes. She had been reading some book that talked about how things used to be a long time ago, like before even pioneer times. Apparently, I am old enough that she thought I would know first hand what it was like.

Also, we got her a chapter book earlier this evening. Bill looked in on her to tuck her back into her bed after she was asleep. Her bookmark was on page seventy-six! She's only five, and she's a little (maybe a lot) hyper-active. I would have bought her books like this one a long time ago if I had known that they would hold her interest so well. What are some good little girl books?

My brother put up some pictures from our trip to visit him. Some of them are similar to our pictures, but some of them are different, so if you want to look at his blog, you can see it at He is funny, eh.


  1. Your brother actually lives there? I thought he just went on the trip with you. What's he doing there?

    I like to tell my kids that I was alive before the internet was invented. That gets big eyes.

  2. What!!!! She must be a genius! All your kids are! You will be retiring early! ;)

  3. I loved reading the american girl books. Nancy drew is good- maybe she is a bit too young for those still. Um, I remember reading the Narnia books, boxcar children, and eventually Harry Potter!

  4. That reminds me of when I asked my mom if she liked to watch Shirly Temple as a kid. She said- um, my mom did!! How old do you think I am!! So I can relate to Avery.