Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vacations and Opposable Thumbs

I have questions. You've got answers. I hope.

1. Sadie does not realize that she has opposable thumbs. Is this normal for a five-month-old? About fifty percent of the time she uses her thumbs just like her other fingers, facing the same way. It looks weird. Have your babies done this?

2. I love to plan trips and travel. Where would you go if money was not a concern? Where would you go with a small budget? I want ideas. And I am curious about you all since most people that read my blog are friends or family members. (Does anyone even read my blog that I don't know?)

3. Do your kids get as excited as Avery was to bring her lunch for the first time to school? She had a field trip, and she probably talked about her lunch fifty times or more leading up to that day. And the mom who was with her on the field trip said that she was super excited about each new item she pulled out of her bag. And she spent twenty minutes the day before decorating the sack with flowers and spirals. Have I previously deprived my kid for her to be so excited about something so small?


  1. Awe!!! Love that she got so excited about her lunch! Wish I knew about opposable thumbs but I don't but I am sure she is fine. Travel..hmmmm...small budget..camping, my kids LOVE camping and so far they have only done desert camping, I can only imagine how excited they would be to camp somewhere that has bugs! Travel anywhere? Hmmmmm....I think my kids and husband would like to do another europe ski vacation. I just want to go back to Nepal and Bali. And then I would love to do Iceland and Brazil. Who many places so little time. :)

    1. When we were in Innsbruck, Bill said he wanted to go back for a ski trip sometime. Bali would be sooo much fun!

  2. That is funny. Nathan loves taking a sack lunch and gets really excited, for the first time as well I am sure. I want to go to the stay on the beach at a house. That would be fun. Love you!

  3. If money was no object I would go to Italy, Spain, and France. Since money is an object, we go to Utah to see family, or Albuquerque.