Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pants of Doom and Mind-reading

I love when people hear something different than what was actually said.

Me: You are a handsome dude, Preston.
Preston: No I don't! YOU wear pants of doom!

Carter: I, um, never mind. I forgot what I was going to say.
Me: No you didn't. You just decided not to say what you were about to say.
Carter: I knew it! I always thought you could read minds, and now I have proof!

Avery was holding a grapefruit this morning. Sadie, very matter-of-fact-ly, reached out her hand and demanded the "ball."

Bill programmed Sadie's new toy puppy to say her name. It also says that its favorite food is bacon, and its favorite animal is a lemur. I'm a little disappointed that ring-tailed lemur wasn't one of the choices.

A man and a woman went shopping together. The man said, "We need to get in and get out of each store as fast as we can." The woman said, "You are thinking of shopping like it's a job. Part of the fun is taking your time to enjoy the shopping experience. But do you think you could drive closer to the speed limit? It's going to take us forever to get there." The man replied, "You're looking at driving like it's a job. Just enjoy the ride...." I have funny parents. It was nice to see them, and I hope their flight back to Tennessee is great!

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