Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sixth Grade

I didn't have much in sixth grade. I had pretty bad hair, really ugly glasses, bad clothes, and not quite a unibrow. I wasn't really popular, even though I had some friends. But I did have kickball. We would play every day at recess, unless there was too much snow. I was not picked first. That was Zach Batté or Chris Botero. But I was usually the next one picked, unless they mixed it up and picked Ryan Tyng before me. Then they would pick the rest of the boys and then the girls. When I didn't have a lot of confidence, at least I got to experience, "Hey, it's Melissa's turn! Back up!" If I couldn't be cool, at least I could kick the ball really far.

Disclaimer: I did get contacts at the end of that year. And slightly better clothes. And a pair of tweezers. Then I got surgery on my feet in seventh and eight grades. No more soccer or kickball for me. But at least I could go really fast on crutches!

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