Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Girls

Sadie's cry in her sleep just sounded like a peacock. My sister-in-law would be scared. You know who you are.

I asked Sadie if she tooted. She answered, "No. Daddy's pooped." 

Me: Sadie, did you have a good nap?
Sadie: Elbow. 

She is blaming people for her stinky smells and making no sense. She is obviously going to take after Carter.

I started watching Granite Flats with Avery. The other day, there was a nerdy guy who was flirting with a girl in the show. Avery said, "I think he's trying to get her to like him. I don't think she will do it, even in the end." I asked why not. "Because he's too weird." Then today, she said, "Now there are two guys who like that girl." I asked how she could tell. "Because he's looking at her like she is pretty."

I think she is pretty observant for a six-year-old!

Another observation she made about the show: It's so weird that the show always ends right at the best part, and it just makes it so I can't wait to start the next one! 

That's how they always hook you...

I hope Bill looks at me like I am pretty.


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