Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fun in Paris

When I washed off my makeup tonight, I had no mascara left to wash off. Here is why.

1. We were on a train this afternoon when a girl suddenly jumped up, threw her phone, and screamed. So I jumped up, too. There was a huge bug crawling on her. My brother killed it for her. It is still funny when people freak out in French, even if I don't know what they are saying. My sister-in-law could not stop laughing, which usually makes me laugh more, even if I had previously thought I was finished with the laughter. Plus, when the bug crunched loudly, the girl's eyes rolled around, and she looked like she was going to puke. Even funnier. Plus, I realized after the bug was dead that I was still standing up. On my seat.

2. My mom couldn't find her train ticket later when we were getting off at a different station. The door would not open without a ticket, so my dad opened a door going back in, wanting her to come through that way. She didn't understand quickly enough what he wanted her to do, so by the time she came through, the doors smashed her. So she stepped back. Then the doors opened back up, and she just stood there for a minute while they were opened, looking totally confused. She finally decided to go back through, but she was too slow, so she got smashed again. 

3. On the train, my brother and I simultaneously burst into laughter. It is fun when there is someone who laughs, and I know exactly what absurd thing he is laughing at without having to talk about it. Even if it is just my mom chewing her gum really weird for a second. Too bad I only get to hang out with him about once a year. And that I have to come all the way to Europe to do it. 

4. We were having a family prayer tonight. It started out so well. Then, my brother said, "Please bless us to have good health. And please bless.... our feet..." Well, if you know him, you know that he laughs at inappropriate times, when he is performing in public, during prayers, during serious moments, etc. and once he starts the laugh that he is trying so hard to stop, nobody else can stop either. Except my dad. I only remember him laughing about something like that a couple of times. Anyway, he and his wife and my mom and I did not have a very reverent prayer. And I hope we still get blessed to have our feet stop hurting. Because we are going to have a rough time at Disneyland Paris if they don't get better!

You wouldn't have mascara left on either. 


  1. I laughed at this, thank you for posting. I am glad you guys are having fun, running your mascara off, getting smashed in doors, being irreverent, etc. Okay, I am not happy about that stuff, but happy about the fun you guys are having. you are a great sister. I love you.

  2. I love it! You're so lucky to get to be in Europe. Ride the Indiana Jones roller coaster for me! Sooo fun.

  3. Hilarious! Your descriptions of everything made me feel like I was there with you. How fun to be there with family laughing your guts out. I hope You continue to have a great time!