Friday, July 12, 2013

Sleepwalking and Dancing

I don't know if he was sleepwalking or if he thought it was morning when he came into my room just a minute ago, but the look on Preston's face when he realized it was the middle of the night was so funny. And now I am wide awake!

Avery is so proud of her new talent. She has been practicing every day lately. She can play Yankee Doodle on the piano with her toes. She was especially proud when she could even do it while wearing her pajamas with feet!

Sadie's favorite food is "pips." She'll eat any kind, potato chips, tortilla chips with salsa, whatever she can get her hands on. And she can get her hands on a remarkable number of food items. I think she is one of those kids who could survive on the street if she had to. She scrounges up food from the pantry, the table and counter, the floor. She finds hidden chocolate stashes, treats from my purse, and frozen chicken from the freezer. She has serious talents. She brings me pasta when I am in bed and asks to have it for breakfast. And she starts off each morning by saying, "Wants bekfist? Meee!" And she raises her hand when she answers "me" to her own question. Sometimes she changes it up and says, "wants nandy? meee!"

Besides her passion for food, Sadie also loves sound effects. She makes them when she plays. She asks me to make them. She asks me to do something to her by the sound effect I made the last time I did that thing. It's hard to always remember that the last time I spun her around, I said "bzzzzz." Or that the last time I fed her, the spoon made a "hee haw" sound as it made its way into her mouth. I've got "whoa!" down, which is her up on my legs while I am lying on my back and tipping from side to side like she is about to fall over. And I can remember that I have to say, "bubbabubbaba," when she is sitting on my lap facing me and I move her arms back and forth really fast. I cannot remember what sounds I made at our last dance party, so she is just going to have to be happy with whatever made up raps and beat boxing comes out of my mouth to go along with my awkward mom dancing. I think my friends from my dancing days will know what I'm talking about. Sadly, it's kind of hard to forget. Or people wouldn't still be bringing it up every once in a while ten to twenty years later.

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  1. Great post, great kids. I can relate to Sadie. I like to scrounge for food too. and I love your dancing and sound effects.